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to to help him. >> what is interesting on the polling of medicare and seniors who is obama's weakest demographic basically until the last month or two? it was seniors. seniors were very suspicious of obama. the foreignness the youth they saw him as liberal. and we've seen a dramatic turn around in call the key states. if you peel it back a little more, you find that is overwhelmingly related to the medicare question. the numbers on the medicare question particularly among seniors has shifted dramatically in obama's direction in just a month after ryan was initially picked. you'll recall they went very hard on medicare. they decided to run to their weakness, and they started to basically just lying or at least being incredibly dishonest saying that obama is going to do this and had cut 700 billion in change when, in fact ryan had cut the same amount in his budget proposal. you saw a little tightening when ryan was picked for the ticket, but the numbers have gone overwhelmingly in the other direction. seniors are now very much supporting obama in these swing states, and if you look at
but cutting spending. that's something that needs to start with medicaid, medicare and military spending. you got obama and romney debating who is going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion in this country on how we slash medicare spending or we find ourselves with no healthcare for those over 65. that's the alternative. the monetary collapse--excuse me quickly. a monetary collapse when the dollars we have in our pocket don't buy a thing because of the inflation that is going to go along with borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 of every dollar. >> cenk: ron paul seems to be saying the same thing do you but you haven't been able to capture them-- >> that's not the case. your ron paul supporter, i'm saying the same things as ron paul. i ran for the republican nomination. i thought it would be really hard to marginalize two people on stage saying the same thing ron paul and myself. i didn't find myself marginalized. i found myself down-right excluded while ron paul was marginalized. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. >> cenk, than
islands, that's not fair. how about on the issue of medicare look at this. >> well i don't want any change to medicare for current seniors or for those that are nearing retirement. >> cenk: isn't that funny. he says my plan is great, but you current seniors, i'm not going to apply my plan to you. in other words obviously you would despise my plan so i'm going to actually screw up your kids and grandkids instead. why i'm so reassured. and now we get to the issue of, quote unquote, obamacare. >> the first big one is i'm not going to go forward with obamacare. i will repeal obamacare. it costs about $100 billion a year. >> cenk: it is the exact opposite. if you refeel obamacare, it actually -- as you can see from the congressional budget office. so if you repeal it costs us $100 billion. not if you keep it. it is the exact opposite of the truth. that's what mitt romney told you. and then finally what does he do at night? he apparently prays. >> you pray every night before you go to bed? >> i do pray. >> what do you ask for? >> that's between me and god. [ laughter ]
is saying i'm going to do away. who better than me than to do away with medicare and medicaid. >> yeah and these people are getting caught on tape. they are getting caught being who they are. and romney is doing it. tommy thompson is doing it. you are going to say that to seniors in wisconsin. >> cenk: and sharon brown, up by 12. >> i have to tell you, one of the reasons that democrats want this race to stay close is they want the people not to think the race is over. because they need democrats to come out in senate races. if the race is seen as over that is going to create a lot of lackadaisical voters. >> cenk: when we do political analysis, we have to be objective about it. don't say, hey, hey, hey. i want the democrats to win, so cenk, michael don't say that. right. we give you some opinion, but when we're doing analysis that's as objective as we can get. and i have called it the other way against democrats all the time in the last 17 years. when we come back we're going to have a little bit of a supreme court. health matters to all of us. that's why lysol has star
, medicare, medicaid, social security. >> so there it is. he's saying i offered it to the republicans. now, there's one other group that's concerned that he is not quite as progressive as we'd like him to be, the african-american community. african-americans in 2008 had an unemployment rate of 11.9% now up to 14.1%. of course the president is not solely responsible for that, it was the great recession caused by the republicans but there has not been a lot of action to specifically address that community in terms of making it better. latinos and whites have suffered but not at the rate african-americans have. when you move oh household income real median income for african-americans is just over $32,000, that's a gigantic difference. in 2005 for whites was $135,000, moved down to $110,000 now but when you look at african-americans, it goes from 12 for us to just under 5,000 so that's a gigantic problem. the congressional black caulk with us is aware of this. the head of the caucus has given fiery speeches where he says president obama, hope on, hope on and encouraging them. he also did say:
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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